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FOTA17: 100 Years of Occupational Therapy - Schedule

Friday November 3, 2017 Schedule: Click the links to see the course abstract/objectives, Click here to see handouts
SC = Short Course, CTM = Conversations that Matter, WS = Workshop, ST = Student Track, SP = Student Posters

Registration open 7 AM - 5 PM - Foyer
Exhibition Hall / Vendors 8 AM - 5 PM - Foyer
   Ballroom  Damselfish  Fantail  Grouper  Anemone Mako   Walu
8:00   SP1: Judging   SC1: Improving adaptive skills with activities done in the community  SC2: Merging multiple theories into one pediatric treatment session   CTM1: Cost- effective standardized testing tools & assessments for use in home & community   CTM2: Early intervention within the State of Florida, what does the future hold?    SC3: The science behind why catching Z's impacts neuromotor recover & therapy's role in addressing sleep hygiene  
8:30 ST-1
Employer panel
 9:00 SP1:

CTM3: Sit to stand computer workstations - necessity or luxury?  SC4: Fill your cup before you pour: Optimizing therapist health to better serve clients  SC5: Printing? Cursive? Preschool? Older Students? Can handwriting be taught effectively & efficiently?  CTM4: Past and current administration & management issues
in the practice of OT 
 SC6: Calling all pediatric OT ninja warriors!
 9:30  ST-2
Presidential address
10:00 SP2:
WS1: The use of Pilates with children during therapy sessions   WS2: A systematic approach to planning functional OT treatment sessions   WS3: Behavior analysis principles to increase teaching effectiveness
& outcomes in pediatric OT  
WS4: Mixed-methods approach to develop an OT driving intervention
for returning combat veterans 
Financial Management
WS5: Laws & fieldwork: FLOTEC module   

Student Poster 

12:30  Lunch: Atrium
1:30   SP3:
SC7: Evaluating & treating children post-concussion  SC8: The Use of Pranayama or yoga breathing exercises during OT treatment   SC9: Roles of dogs in rehabilitation  SC10: One-handed ponytail    ST-4
Officers Networking

CTM5: OT and hand therapy go hand in hand 
2:30  Exhibition Hall/ Vendors: Atrium 8 AM - 5 PM
3:00 SP3:

Medical Errors 
WS7: Development & validation of the screening assessment of sensory integration   WS8: International legal, human rights, & financial aspects of human trafficking: Proactive role for OT's WS9: Tests & treatments for tremulous hands: Essential, Parkinson's, dystonic, multiple sclerosis, & functional tremors ST-4
Fieldwork preparation
WS10: Demystifying fieldwork education 
5:30 Student Poster Awards: Main Ballroom 
Saturday Schedule
YOGA: 6:45 - 7:30 AM - WALU
  Ballroom Zander Damselfish Labrid A Labrid B Grouper Anemone Mako Walu
8:00   WS11:
Laws & Rules
WS12: Promoting self-efficacy, health & wellness WS13: Clinical utility of fitness-to-drive screening for identifying atrisk older drivers WS14: Supporting the person, environment, & salient tasks of college students disorders  WS15:
Hands on Lymphedema 
Oxycontin and a whiskey chaser: aging & chronic pain
WS17: The occupation of advocate - let's explore your political activities of daily living   
9:00 Professional Poster Presen-tations  
10:00 Exhibition Hall - Vendors - Atrium  
10:30   SC11: Oral motor components to successful mealtimes SC12: The emerging practice niche: Exploring your entrepreneurial itch in OT  SC13: Diversity in OT: perspectives implications educational & clinical practice CTM6: Caseload vs. workload in the school system, what works best? SC14: Flick of the wrist CTM7: A contextual analysis of OT practice in mental health CTM8: Using surveys to assess learning styles for incoming students to facilitate learning   CMT9: Measuring Quality of Life for adults w/ intellectual & developmental disabilities.
11:30 FOTA Business Meeting & Awards: Main Ballroom                  
12:30 Lunch: Atrium                  
1:30 Exhibition Hall - Vendors - Atrium         


  SC15: FOTA lobbyist meet & greet SC16: Play & executive functions interconnected in young children  SC17: The future of OT education   SC18: The distinct value of OT in adult day service centers  SC19: Safe Mobility for Floridians: State-wide resources for generalists & specialists CTM10: Activity trackers / how they potentially
fit into practice areas
CTM11: Let's talk about making my practice evidence-based  CTM12: Clinic to community: Motivating clients w/chronic diseases to selfmanagers 
Town Hall
WS18: Playful motor strategies for handwriting success  WS19: Cost-effective OT assessments for adult & geriatric population   WS20: Pediatric private practice: Balancing practice based evidence w/evidence   WS21: Concussion management and visual deficits   WS22: The role of stroke caregiver readiness to enhance discharge outcomes   WS23: Rock & Roll!
Harnessing the power of the vestibular system  
WS24: Distinct value of OT in assessment intervention for assistive technology    


  SC20: The sky's the limit: Taking your professional growth to new heights   SC21: OT & transgender populations' perspectives & recommendations for practice   CTM13: Documenting sensory integration, daily interventions & computer guided clinical reasoning  SC22: Progression from therapist to scientist: Development of a research question from clinical practice   CTM14: The evolution of fieldwork education   SC23: The impact of marginalization, armed conflict & longitudinal stress on the health & wellness of children   SC24: Empowering leadership: Leadership Development Program    


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