Governor's Executive Order Extends Licensure Renewal Date to June 30th, 2019


In the interest of supporting our FOTA membership and prospective members, this message is to provide information about the Licensure Renewal Extension made by Governor Scott in the fall of 2018. His executive order was made in response to the disaster in the wake of Hurricane Michael and in consideration for all of those professionals whose licenses would renew in the coming months after this storm.



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On October 7, 2018, Governor Rick Scott issued an Executive Order declaring a state of emergency in Florida, for Hurricane Michael.

The Florida Department of Health, in accordance with Executive Order number 18-276 and Executive Order number 18-277, has therefore extended license expiration deadlines for Occupational Therapist and Occupational Therapy Assistants  (February 28, 2019) to midnight on June 30, 2019. Unless another extension is granted, any active license not renewed before this time will go into a delinquent status. Please continue to check for updated licensure expiration date information.


Many FOTA members have contacted us with questions regarding the renewal process and the applicable rules about attaining Continuing Education hours (CEs) and what credit towards licensure would be given to CEs earned after February 28th. Because CE Broker  is the official technological tool used by the state to track and accumulate the CE hours needed to renew. FOTA board members were able to reach out to CE Broker for an official advisement on how this will all work. In an e-mail response from CE Broker representatives the following was advised:


Any CEU's that you complete within the 3/1/19 to 2/28/21 will be applied to that respective renewal period. The only instance where these hours could be applied to the prior cycle is if you enter a new renewal cycle but the prior cycle still needs hours to be complete, but if you've already completed those prior cycle hours ,then they'll apply towards the current renewal cycle that you're currently in at the time.

If there is anything else we can assist you with please feel free to email us again or visit our online FAQ at  


In some special instances, Florida OTs are required to provide their updated licenses to maintain their approved status with payers and other governmental agencies. Please do your best to notify your relevant agencies that this extension has been ordered.  FOTA has requested that the the Florida Board of Occupational Therapy contact other state governmental to make all aware of this extension.

In closing, as President of FOTA, I recommend that every OT practitioner do their best to complete all the necessary CEs and to renew their license as soon as possible. This licensure renewal extension was intended for those suffering hardship and delays related to the Hurricane, and it was not intended to be taken advantage of by the whole of OT professionals in the state. You can avoid any undue complications, or unforeseen difficulties by renewing before the original date. That's my advice.

If you have further questions or concerns please contact [email protected] .

All the best to you in this new year and licensure period.

Brent Cheyne, OTD, OTR/L

FOTA President

[email protected] 


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