OT Licensure Procedure Will Change in 2015: Be Prepared

As Florida's OT community prepares for another licensure renewal season, the FOTA is providing information and resources on changes in the renewal process that all practitioners must be aware of as they prepare for this renewal cycle in 2013 and planning properly for future renewal in 2015.

 FOTA does not does not manage anything to do with OT Licenses in Florida. However we do monitor legislation and rules pertaining to licensure and serve as a resource to support, develop, and represent the profession for the advancement of the practice and better serve the consumer.


 Florida Board Website including Licensure information:  http://www.floridasoccupationaltherapy.gov/ 

Florida State Board of Occupational Therapy 

Licensing | Renewals | Resources | Meetings | The Board



Continuing Education Requirements


             Notice of Changes to Florida OT Rules

                  We'd Like to hear from you: FOTA's Leadership



Florida's Laws and Rules for OT                                                       

Florida Statute

Chapter 456: Health Professions and Occupations: General Provisions
Chapter 468, Part III: Occupational Therapy

Florida Administrative Code

Rules: Chapter 64B11: Board of Occupational Therapy, Florida Administrative Code
Rules: Chapter 64B: Division of Medical Quality Assurance, Florida Administrative Code



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