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2024 FOTA Connect Member Sessions

Course Title: From Therapy to Thriving: The Power of Community Reintegration for Occupational Therapy Practitioners.

Course Level: Introductory Level

Course Speakers & Credentials: Nelson Gonzalez, OTR/L, CHHC, CCT, CPMT, CORE, CLT

Abstract: This course, "From Therapy to Thriving: The Power of Community Reintegration for Occupational Therapy Practitioners," explores how occupational therapy practitioners can empower clients to transition successfully back into their communities. You'll gain a comprehensive understanding of community reintegration therapy, its benefits for clients, and the unique role OTPs play in the process. Through interactive learning, you'll discover practical strategies and techniques to implement this approach in your practice, addressing common challenges and developing a personalized plan for integration. By the end, you'll be equipped to help clients reclaim their independence and thrive in their everyday lives.

 Objectives: Explain the concept of community reintegration therapy and its benefits for clients.Describe the role of occupational therapists in facilitating community reintegration.Identify key strategies and techniques for implementing community reintegration therapy in occupational therapy practice.Specific Objectives:Participants will be able to differentiate between traditional therapy and community reintegration therapy approaches. (Knowledge)Participants will be able to explain the impact of community reintegration on a client's occupational participation. (Knowledge)Participants will be able to identify common challenges faced during community reintegration and develop strategies to address them. (Application)Participants will be able to develop a plan for implementing community reintegration therapy into their occupational therapy practice. (Application)Participants will be able to discuss ethical considerations related to community reintegration therapy. (Analysis)

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