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#FOTA19 Student Information
Entry level OT/OTA students must present and submit as a student, and post-professional doctoral students must submit as professional posters. If you are an OT/OTA and have a license, present as professional.

  • Conference Registration: You must be registered for conference to attend and/or present
  • SOTA Club's - Fund raise your trip to conference 
  • Poster Guidelines: size, etc. 
  • NBCOT®: Let's talk about the NBCOT Cert Exam:  Sunday, Nov 17, 2019, 8 am in room Oceans Eleven. 


  • SP1: Sat. Nov. 16 - 9:00 am set up and judge, 10:00 am Conference Presentation
  • SP2: Sat. Nov. 16 - 3:00 pm set up and judge, 4:30 pm Conference Presentation
  • SP3: Sun. Nov. 17 - 9:00 am set up and judge, 10:00 am Conference Presentation
  • Student Poster Awards - Sunday, Nov. 17 at 2:00 pm - Oceans Ballroom 
 To view the full schedule with abstracts and all presenter info, see the Conference Program - Coming Soon
Student Poster Session 1: Saturday, November 16
9:00 am - set up and judge, 10:00 am Conference Presentation
SP1-1 Preliminary analysis of social word use for students with learning disabilities and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder University of Florida
SP1-2 Comparative Case-Study Analysis: Examining Driving Error Differences among Male and Female Veterans Post-deployment University of Florida
SP1-3 Interactive effect of visual and proprioceptive disturbance to the control of postural stability in individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) University of Florida
SP1-4 The Role of Occupational Therapy in Promoting Community Reintegration and Participation for Individuals in the B.O.L.D. Program. University of Florida
SP1-5 Assessing Reproducibility of a New Digital Device to Measure Grip Strength Florida Gulf Coast University
SP1-6 Assessing the effect of verbal encouragement versus verbal encouragement withheld on performance output Florida Gulf Coast University
SP1-7 The Value of OT in Community-Based Practice: Development and Implementation of a Sensory-Based Program at Dream Oaks Camp Gannon University
SP1-8 Impact Driving Rehabilitation Services on  Fitness to Drive in One Client Gannon University

Program Pockets: Addressing Feelings of Isolation in the Geriatric Community through OT Enhancement

Polk State College
SP1-10 The Psychosocial Effects of Acquired Brain Injury and the Acquired Brain Injury Clubhouse Model. Florida State Collage, Jacksonville
SP1-11 Auditory Hyper-Reactivity, Anxiety, and Social Participation in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Florida International University
SP1-12 Learning with Biofeedback is Equivalent to Learning with Traditional Teaching Methods Florida International University
SP1-13 Healthcare experiences of individuals with mental illnesses Nova Southeastern University
SP1-14 Rubrics Cube: Multi-dimensional Factors in Developing Quality Rubrics Nova Southeastern University 
SP1-15 In children with selective feeding disorders, do oral motor exercises increase variety, texture and volume when combined with sensory interventions? Jacksonville University
SP1-16 A Scoping Review: The Effect of Mindfulness on Older Adults with Stress Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University
SP1-17 The Effects of the Wilbarger Protocol on Children with Sensory Processing Deficits Keiser University
SP1-18 Social Media, Screen Time, & Eye Movements in Youths Florida International University
SP1-19 Pain from work-related tasks among cosmetologists Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University
SP1-20 Role of the Occupational Therapist as a designer of assistive technology Paulista State University of Brazil (UNESP)
Student Poster Session 2: Saturday, November 16
3:00 pm - set up and judge, 4:30 pm Conference Presentation
SP2-1 Using Occupational therapy services to implement a food education program for mothers in a substance abuse treatment center University of Florida
SP2-2 Planning ahead: Using occupational therapy to promote disaster preparedness and continued independence for homebound elderly adults University of Florida
SP2-3 Implementing Occupation-Informed Therapeutic Principles in a Community-Based Yoga Program to Promote Wellness and Participation University of Florida
SP2-4 An examination of the efficacy of occupational therapy on the psychosocial functioning of individuals affected by sex trafficking: A community-based collaborative project University of Florida
SP2-5 Feasibility of Near-peer Delivery of a Vocational Social Skills Intervention for Young Adults with Autism Florida Gulf Coast University
SP2-6 AAT Interventions for Clients with Dementia Florida Gulf Coast University
SP2-7 Perceived Benefits of Occupational Therapy Interventions in a Community Day Center for Exceptional Adults Gannon University, Ruskin 
SP2-8 The development of an interdisciplinary cultural club to improve cultural awareness in the allied health professions Gannon University
SP2-9 The Effects of Equine-Assisted Therapy on the Mental Health of Veterans Polk State College
SP2-10 Occupational Therapy Joins the Fight Against Parkinson's Disease: The Use of Non-Contact Boxing to Improve the Symptoms of Parkinson's Disease South University
SP2-11 Teaching Occupational Therapy Students to Evaluate the Accessibility of the Physical Environment Florida International University
SP2-12 Psychosocial Effects of a Soft Skills Intervention for Adolescents with Substance Use Disorder as Delivered by Near-peers: A Second-year Pilot Study Florida Gulf Coast University
SP2-13 Loss and Reintegration: A Pilot Study of Transitions in Widowhood Nova Southeastern University, Tampa 
SP2-14 Hand replantation rehabilitation protocols for optimal functional outcomes Jacksonville University
SP2-15 Behavioral Interventions for Oral Intake in Pediatrics Jacksonville University
SP2-16 The Effect of Pets on Chronic Pain Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University
SP2-17 The Impact of Weighted Blankets on Sleep and Sensory Experiences of Autistic Adults Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University
SP2-18 Leisure: occupation and human necessity – Perceptions of O.Ts from public acute mental health settings in Belo Horizonte/ Brazil Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais/ University of Kansas Medical Center
SP2-19 The Effectiveness of a Modified Diet in Children with Autism Florida International University
SP2-20 Overcome: Participation in leisure of people with phisycal  disabilities Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais/ University of Kansas Medical Center
Student Poster Session 3: Sunday, November 17
9:00 am - set up and judge, 10:00 am Conference Presentation
SP3-1 Refugees and Immigrants: Using Occupational Therapy to Facilitate Community Integration and Accessibility to Displaced Persons University of Florida
SP3-2 Physical Disabilities on a College Campus: A Wellness Promotion Initiative using Occupational Therapy Interventions University of Florida
SP3-3 Exploration of factors impacting occupational performance related to productivity expectations for undergraduates with learning disabilities and ADHD University of Florida
SP3-4 Growing together: Nurturing of healthy habits through integrative occupational and horticultural therapy in veterans. University of Florida
SP3-5 Promoting Parent Child Interaction and Child Social-Emotional Growth through Early Childhood Playgroups: A Program Collaboration with Early Steps Florida Gulf Coast University
SP3-6 Relationship between grip and pinch strength and preferred note taking method. Florida Gulf Coast University
SP3-7 Supporting educators in Jamaica to meet the needs of students with Autism in an inclusive classroom Gannon University
SP3-8 Motivating Factors for Pursuit of Volunteer Leadership in a National Occupational Therapy Association Gannon University
SP3-9 Win-Win Situation: The Benefits of Service-Learning and the Positive Impact on Educational and Community Organizations South University, Tampa
SP3-10 Feelings of Isolation and the Geriatric Client: OT Role Enhancement Polk State College
SP3-11 Impact Pillbox Customization on Device Satisfaction and Medication Adherence Florida International University
SP3-12 Increasing Workforce Diversity in Occupational Therapy: Supporting Student Success University at St. Augustine
SP3-13 The Role Significance of Occupational Therapy in Women's Cesarean Postpartum Recovery Care Nova Southeastern University
SP3-14 SocialThinking: Addressing Social Participation in Children with Disabilities Jacksonville University
SP3-15 Reduced Contrast Sensitivity and Driving Performance for Drivers 55+: A Literature Reviewe Jacksonville University
SP3-16 Mindful Meditation to Reduce Stress in Young Adults Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University
SP3-17 How do autistic adults define and describe resilience? Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University
SP3-18 Does participating in exercise reduce stress and promote life balance in current Master of Science in Occupational Therapy (MSOT) bridge students? Keiser University
SP3-19 Tackling barriers to healthcare in the transgender and non-conforming community Florida International University

We are offering Complimentary tables during conference for you to sell products for your school OT Program. Use this as a fundraiser for #FOTA20 or to offset costs for #FOTA19. There will be designated shared tables in the exhibition hall . The exhibition hall will be open: Saturday, Nov 16, 2019,  8 am – 4  and Sunday, Nov 17, 2019,   8 am – 4 pm

To participate please sign up hereFOTA19: SOTA Fundraiser

There will be multiple schools per table, max 2  representatives per school. I would advise that those who are working at the booths wear their school colors &/or school Shirts. There will be no room for signage.  Food & Beverages are not allowed to be sold due to Hotel policies. Ideas for your fundraiser include: School merchandise, craft items like badge holders, key chains, Holiday gifts, etc. any questions contact Janine @ [email protected]


The venue is not only beautiful, but in a great location on I-Drive in Orlando. There are so many activities for you to take part in beyond the conference. The hotel is directly across the street from Sea World and Aquatica. You may want to consider spending the weekend at the hotel and supporting Orlando and visiting the many attractions.  There is a trolly from the hotel to Sea World and to I-drive where there are many restaurants and bars.





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